Friday, August 13, 2010

note to an angel

it scares me to know that i might lose you
it's so terrified to know that it is you
i know i wanted it too
but what i care more about is you

so wake up dear angel
wipe this tears away for me
cast this fear aside for me
please,wake up for me

ps: i love you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the final say

friendship ends with nothing
memories came floating
heart and mind still hurting
even the ice caps are melting

you threw accusation based on assumption
tearing the flesh of my being into pieces
storming through your words like a mad person
couldn't care less about the past or the future
it's only where you begin and not the ending

for your sake you did what you think is best
not thinking of what damage they could do
it's just for you,it's just for you

letting go is the only option now
so everything can be freed
so we can build our seprate future
so we can breathe out the air
so we can be out of anger

take care,oh dear friend
sorry that things got out of hand
it is wise to put this an end.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

dear wheel of fortune,where will you take me?

people make decisions in their life
wrong turn and you'll end up in misery
the right choice leads you to victory
but everything is not that easy

mistakes do not mean you flipped the wrong card
you just went off track for a while
you have not walk off a mile
all you need to do is move forward
do not let them draw you backward

you have to paint your own path
so you dont live in regrets of your past
do what you want to do while life still last
make your mistakes and then mend them fast
dont be afraid and fight your aghast

life is what god has granted for you
so live it and dismiss your sorrow
learn from everything and grow
when the time comes,you wont ask questions anymore
you'll know what you want for life and more.

Monday, July 12, 2010


i feel as if i've given up hope on life
so take my soul,take it with your knife
vowed to me like i'm your wife
the shadowy nights
the street lights
i can't put up more fights

all of it is just like an explosion
consumption with no quotation
feeding on me like temptation
feeding on the walls that i've built
throwing me a glance of guilt

life,dear one
take what you want
take me if you want
for i wont be living no more.

Monday, May 24, 2010

living hell

life is a piece of mess
but i know i've done the best
i've pass through all the tests
all i need now is a little bit of rest
cuz i'm tired to saying yes
i'm tired of fillling up the gas
still i know i'm better than the rest

people killing each other
his father,your mother and their daughter
gotta be strong,gotta be a fighter
that's what it takes to go higher
i aint joking,i aint giving out flyer
man,you cant drive with a flat tyre

things happen for a reason
things change with the season
everybody learn their lesson
you dont want to end up in the prison
you dont want to end up encrimson
you know you want to be a better person

sometimes we make stupid decisions
we aint got time nor precisions
we stopped at the junction near the stations
still we didnt get any inspirations
fuck,i need some ventilations
doctor,give me some respirations

ought to know this aint simple
hands on the knife,hands on your scalpel
give it two,better tripple
dont fall down,dont you grumple
take a stand,hold your principle
do your thing,fuck all the people.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

in their shoes

wish you have never left
so many things i have to say left
to see you go in your sleep with the angels
wet my eyes,bring me down to my knees
i miss you so much that i sleep with your tees
oh god,give me strength please

it's not fair for you to go without saying goodbye
it's not fair for you to go solo and fly
every night i dream of you and i cry
i'm so hopeless,i dont know what to try

daddy,i wish you can come back
wish i could do a little playback
i'm still trying to accept the fact
that you're gone together with your pack
they are all here but i dont give a fuck
all i need now is a little bit of luck

woke up today without you by my side
someone whisper that you died
i couldnt stand it so i took a ride
searching,regaining my pride
life is changing now like the tide
please daddy,give me a guide

forever you'll always be mine
you get better with time like wine
daddy,give me a sign
that you're happy and in the line
to heaven and you shall be fine.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


daddy i'm sorry you have to leave so soon
you didnt even get to see me fly to the moon
when you're gone no story is left
cuz everybody is working on their left
i dream of you every night and day
cuz i love you so much untill today
and now you're not here for my birthday
to even wish me a happy day

i'm trying to get my life right
i'm trying to find the light
i pray to god please make it light
cuz i dont know till when i can put up a fight
everybody said i will not make it
everybody said i will fail it
but look at me now,i'm in the flow
ridin' so high now when i used to ride so low
people look at me and what they can say is wow

i aint quiting this game,it's not about the fame
i'll keep the fire burning and the flame
to proove to all the niggas i aint lame
i'm not afraid to walk the storm and take my stand
i can fight you in any form and take over the land
i'm not afraid,look at me,i'm raising up my hand

i've been through shit holes,i've been to the poles
standing here now i've reach my goals
all you people can say what you wish
i dont give a fuck cuz i'm fucking rich
all i care is my dad smiling from heaven up
looking at me going the ladder up
and i promise you one thing,i wont give up.